• Business
    Sales Growth

    Every company in the world needs growth sales and profit. RRPP and B2B Connections and Channel development

  • Business innovation

    Our company helps you to develop a creative innovation marketing strategy and product development.

  • Start-Up Development

    Business Plan and identification of corporate strategies to consolidate operations of your company in Mex or USA

  • Brand and Image

    Image for us is a total of impressions left on the company's. We help increase "brand equity" and "Corporate Top Management Image"

  • Business Continuity and Compliance

    Risk-based assessment to identify critical risks in family firms, business impact analysis outcomes as ownership continuity, performance, stakeholder benefits and business continuity

  • Change Management
    and Collaboration

    Strong your Talent to become a Success footprint to provide better structured approach to behavioral change management. HR and Training Programs to develop team work and collaboration

Extensive sales and marketing experience

Increase Sales & Coverage

This Division covers a broad range of information to help you in starting, running and growing your business. 5 Essential Strategies to help you growth, 1) Sales vs. Revenues, 2) Increase Your Marketing, 3)Review Your Pricing Strategies, 4)Expand Your Distribution Channels 5) Develop Relationships and Alliances. We also evaluate to promote your product or service as commercial partner for your business

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Marketing services

Extend your marketing resources without the expensive overhead. With our company you use only the marketing services and expertise you need, when you need them most. Our Brand Lab methodology helps you to create a advertising and promo campaing linked into a sales results

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RRPP High Value B2B Contacts

The challenge in any organization is that you may never really know how the decision is being made or who is making it. We can develop and map your accounts identifying all of the decision-makers and influencers and generate a direct contact for you. Our connections have great value for you.

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Extensive sales and marketing experience to support your Start Ups

We've built, grown, and expanded dozens of startups with the experience to get great results, A disciplined approach to identifying and mitigating risks can help you beat the odds.
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Our Vision, Help Growing Business


Growth your business in Mexico,

With its strategic location in-between the United States and Latin America, exports of sophisticated goods and services have grown due to the increasing demand. BHG Bizcoo helps Growth Your Business in Mexico, you can get our expertise to enter the Mexican market and growth your business and profits. We Plan–and act–quickly, Supporting Small/Medium Business Start-up or consolidation

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Planning to invest or expand your business

There are a lot of opportunities: from starting up a branch operation, to joint venturing with US partners and buying existing American companies BHG Bizcoo helps In summary, in all the start up process entering to US: • Starting its own operation in the United States • Going into a joint venture with an American company, or • Acquiring (or merging with) a US company.

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Latin America

Successful Market Economies

As an overall market, Latin America is identified by three major regional markets:South America, Central America and the Caribbean. High market growth opportunities are emerging in many industrial sectors through out Latin America. BHG Bizcoo in 2016 is Opening a Colombian Headquarter Office to one Client to support operations and develop strategy and business plan for their customers.

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The next level of your success

Helping to move your business in the right
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