About us

Our consulting company

Is one of the new generation market professional consulting services for Small and Medium businesses, We are predominantly focused on the Telecommunications, Industrial and Consumer Products .

We born to provide a unique but simple method of counsel for clients seeking the more personalized business focus that only smaller consulting firms can provide, Together, we find value across boundaries, develop insights to act on, and energize teams to sustain success. We're passionate about always doing the right thing for our clients, our people and our communities. We bring deep, functional expertise,optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Our history

We owe more than our name, our mind set, help growing business, new ideas with more than 100 years experience of the partners, Mexico City Office was open, The founder of the company, himself an 3 Associate Directors join this group, and instrument in turning this Company towards a focused small and medium business value support from the very start.

Continuous innovation and rapid transformation have been themes throughout our history, which the company traces to the 2014 with the integration of key market players as an colaborative network of services (Consulting Alliances) to expand our solutions to our Customers. The company has built its solid reputation

The company has expanded its offerings and capitalized on Developing Markets Operations (DMO) focused on creating growth opportunities for pioneered companies into the US Market. Business integration through our network of operating companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures, distributors, resellers and dealers.

In 2016 the BHG Bizcoo Group will split operations in two business units, one focused in "consulting solutions, business as usual" and other in "outsourcing sales services" to provide strong Sales Growth Support creating one of the leading Sales Channel companies to support and operate customers sales force.

We are the best

Working for the best results as a Team

BHG Consulting Bizcoo experienced Staff and Managing Directors with more than 20 years experience in business, marketing, sales and operations, In parallel BHG is so well connected and proud of the benefits and advantages of our alliances bring to our clients more services. We offer the quality of a global firm without billing for global-size overhead. We have cultivated relationships with national service firms we call our Business Consulting Network. Our leadership has extensive experience on how to effectively utilize these alliances for maximum value.

The peculiarity of our company that distinguishes it from a variety of companies, is the individual integrated approach to solving problems. We are always looking for a specific approach to each case and examine the work of each company from the inside.

Meet our management team

Ricardo Aladro

CEO and Founder
The portfolio manager/ Business Coach, Principal of Start Ups

Lourdes Cuevas

Consulting Partner
Specialization: Sales-Marketing-Corporate Image, Principal of Sales Strategies

Oscar Acuña

Managing partner
Specialization: Digital Transformation, Principal of Innovation and Processes .

Luis Gracia

Managing Associate Director
Specialization: Change Management ,Principal of Human Capital

A clear tomorrow for your business

Providing a sustainable environment with opportunities for prosperity and success
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Collaboration allows strength, Our extended Team allows working together for progress and success

  • Designing "It"

    Our strength through experience and practice to Design Strategies, the importance of these skills to make your project a reallity .

  • Selling "It"

    We will always focus on client/customer benefits, you will improve your success immediately.

Business taken to the new heights

We teach you how to improve your business processes, and make the technology affordable for you.
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