Our driving force, market disruptive innovation!

Our Force,Build new growth ventures, develop innovation capabilities, and accelerate organizational change. Our team facilitate the discovery of fresh ideas, high-growth markets and develop of breakthrough strategies. Based in the theory invented by Clayton Christensen we test assumptions, seeking outside information, and reduce myopic thinking.

Our Holding Group of Exclusive Talent Consultant empowered your team with non standard creative ideas

All businesses need talented people. Staying successful means keeping the supply of talent flowing over time In BHG Bizcoo holding group, we signed a collaborative agreement with the best talents and boutique companies across all industries and geographies to provide an extensive and non expensive portfolio of services to articulate your strategy and empowered your team to execute on it.

We provide consulting services, Experts that work together as one firm to serve our clients wherever they need us. .

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How we help

Services may include not only consulting support, but also the implementation of administrative decisions or sales channels operations. We help you growth Sales, Profits, and market penetration we are commited in your results. Our team is fully engaged to achieve remarkable results for your company!

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Customer-focused innovation

The main task of our experienced team is to deliver comprehensive solutions Growing will not come by chance, long business can survive by innovation-based customer-focused strategies, as a real competitive advantage

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Advantages of Holding Group

Our support is delivered by experienced partners and Business Consultant firms with qualifications in marketing, sales, operations, coaching and leadership, obtained of several years of experience of top corporate positions in renowned organizations. Together we can solve the problem of any complexity.

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We are experts in small and medium business

We provide consulting services like mentors and advisors or go "one step ahead" and provide a specific service to become temporary your Staff and Execute the Strategy.
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Our company at a glance

We owe more than our name, our mind set, help growing business.

Our history begins back in 2013, new ideas with more than 100 years experience of the partners, Mexico City Office was open, The founder of the company, himself an 3 Associate Directors join this group, and instrument in turning this Company towards a focused small and medium business value support from the very start.

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Continuous innovation and

Continuous innovation and rapid transformation have been themes throughout our history, which the company traces to the 2014 with the integration of key market players as an collaborative network of services to expand our solutions to our Customers. The company has built its solid reputation

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International Market Expansion.

Throughout its history, the company has expanded its offerings and capitalized on Developing Markets Operations (DMO) focused on creating growth opportunities for Mexican companies pioneered into the US Market. Houston Operation Headquarters are open for Business expansion of some Clients, developing subsidiaries, joint ventures, distributors, resellers and dealers, now is easy to expand your market to US.

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Helping with any of your business needs

Providing expertise and real world experience to help individuals and businesses of all sizes increase their profits.
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